Caribbean Cruises For Students

Several cruise liners have realized the untapped commercial potential of young people on a budget. Given the right cost bracket there are several in this group who would be eager to travel. The solution offered is cruise packages created keeping young students in mind.

Such packages offer a no frills cruise, with plenty of activities. Any extra amenities need to be paid for. Each liner sets up its own package and students may well scrutinize several such offers before opting for one.

Food is generally not included in the cost of Caribbean cruises for students. The options available are to buy food on board or stock up with non perishable food at every port of call. Students generally prefer the latter as food on board proves to be expensive.

Amenities like housekeeping, laundry services and the like are all on a pay and use basis. Rates for student cabins could start as low as $16.20 per night and go on to $120 per night. Lower rates mean shared occupancy. Cabins come equipped with basics like comfortable beds, showers and toilets.

The cruise ships adhere to strict rules with regard to boarding and check-in times at every port of call. Students are well advised to check out the times and follow them. If you miss the deadline, the ship may leave without you.

A week long Caribbean cruise for students will probably have the following itinerary. Starting from Bridgetown, Barbados going on to Kingstown, St. Vincent, Fort de France, Martinique, Bequia, The Grenadines, St George’s, Grenada, Castries, St. Lucia and then returning to Barbados.