Tourism in Mombasa

Mombasa is not short of tourist hotspots given its strategic position as a port city. Many local people from interior Kenya have been guilty of overwhelmingly filling the city to capacity during December holidays. From the white sandy beaches, wild habitats and coral reefs, to variety of fishes and snakes, mangrove swamps and coral islands, Mombasa city is a tourism gem for Kenya.

Nature and Wildlife-Related Tourist Attractions-

Haller Park

Arguably the largest wild animal sanctuary in this city, Haller Park is situated in Bamburi estate, a few minutes to the Kenyatta public beach and Bamburi Cement Factory.

  • The park hosts numerous species of animals from crocodiles, snakes and spiders to turtles, hippos, giraffes and water bucks etc.,
  • The park is home to hundreds of insects and several botanical gardens
  • You will get an opportunity to share water taps with friendly monkeys
  • The park offers a serene environment, with overgrown indigenous trees that makes you feel that you are one with nature

Also known as crocodile farm, this hot spot is located in Nyali and it is rated the largest crocodile farm in East Africa.

  • If crocs are your kind of thing, the Mombasa mamba village will surely sort you out, from the educational videos about the conduct and lifecycle of crocodiles to observing the beasts feast.
  • The highlight of the place is the marvelously grilled crocodile that is served hot!

A marine protected zone, Mombasa marine national park & reserve showcases the Kenya’s best in terms of marine life from the sea urchins and coral reefs to diverse fish life

  • You can enjoy fishing, scuba diving, deep sea diving and snorkeling here

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

Established in early 1930s to preserve a wildlife corridor situated on an ancient elephant migration area, the Sanctuary currently harbors and protects endangered African elephants while conserving indigenous deciduous trees and riparian flora.

  • The sanctuary is breath taking and it features meandering water sheds, rolling hills, overhangs and sharp ridges
  • Flora and fauna here is diverse comprising of a primordial and exceptional cycad woodland that can grow to almost two hundred years
  • You can also enjoy bird watching

Nature Rides

If you would love to get intimate with nature and obtain a 1-on-1 encounter with the locals in their traditional settlements and smell the air filled with scents from palm and mango trees and ocean salt, you may consider taking nature rides and cycle around the city.

Enjoy the amazing creeks, climates and typography of the city on your bicycle