Nile Cruise Holidays

A Nile Cruise is so much more than a conventional holiday. From the magical Temples of Karnak and Luxor to the stunning Valley of The Kings, the burial place of The Pharaohs, you will lazily follow the Nile visiting some of the most spectacular ancient sites in the world.

Every day you will visit new sites and learn more about The Nile, Egypt’s lifeline since ancient times. In the afteroons you will cruise down The Nile aboard your chosen cruise vessel and relax whilst witnessing the life of those who live on the banks of one of the worlds’ most mighty rivers.

Almost all Nile Cruise Holidays either include a full program of 10 or 12 excursions and the accompaniment of an experienced Egyptologist in the basic cost or offer you them at an additional cost.

You should look for an operator that offers you these extras as part of the overall price.

Normally, you will visit the archealogical sites and temples first thing in the morning to avoid the intense heat of the mid-day sun. This then leaves you free in the afternoon to relax and enjoy watching life as it takes place before you as you cruise gently down The Nile.

You will find that you will also see a wide variety of wildlife and birds along the edges of the Nile and you will be able to take lots of wonderful and evocative photographs to enjoy on your return.

Your Nile Cruise operator should also be able to offer you a “Cruise and Stay” arrangement where you enjoy a 7 day Nile Cruise and then a further choice of extra days of relaxation in a hotel in Luxor, Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm-El-Sheikh or other Egyptian city or Red Sea resort.

To give you an insight into what your Nile Cruise experience might be like you can purchase a number of books on the subject from