Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

The 1970s saw the birth of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch as a business man’s personal retreat where he could enjoy being with his animals. It would later transform into an animal refuge and attraction with over 1,000 animals housed there. Similar to many other parks, Fossil Rim has several guided tours like the family tour or the adventure tour that you can reserve. However, if you prefer drive through the park with the family on your own it can be done as well. This allows you to take your time and explore the scenic drive path at your own pace. If you choose to tour Fossil Rim this way you can buy the CD or guide book at the Admissions Center. Please make sure to follow all the rules for the safety of your family and that of the animals. Whichever you choose, just seeing the animals is an unforgettable experience that everyone in the family will truly cherish.

The park offers so much more than just driving tours, whether guided or not. For example, if you would prefer the family can learn and dig for fossils in the fossil pit with the added benefit of a guided tour through one of the park’s preserve area. After so much excitement, the family will surely be hungry. The Overlook CafĂ© is the place to eat when exploring this park! You and the family not only get some good food, you also get a great view of the surrounding areas.

At the end of the day, you will have a great trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. Build it up on the drive or plane ride there for your little ones by learning more about the animals you’ll see and animal conservation in general. Once there, just relax and have a memorable and fun time as a family. Couple this experience with camping and hiking and you will certainly create and nurture a love for animals and the environment as a whole in your children.