Do you have to hire a car for your holiday?

Planning a holiday is stressful enough. Reviews bird has quality uk travel companies reviews that can help ease the stress when deciding on which car rental company you would like to rent from. However, there are a few things to consider before making your decision to rent a car or rely on other modes of transport during your holiday.

Pros and Cons of renting a car when you travel

Many individuals use a rental car to help them see the sights during their holiday. However, this can sometimes be a complicated process. There are many pros and cons to this; let’s observe the pros. When hiring a car on vacation, you have total freedom to go to any place or see any specific sight and any given time without restrictions to public transport times, and it is more comfortable. Moreover, it can save money compared to spending it on a taxi or chauffeur. In addition, it is safer. However, many tourists may become easy targets to petty thieves as they come across vulnerable, with not knowing their surroundings.

There are downsides to renting a car while on holiday. First, there is a substantial excess fee to ensure the vehicle is covered if an accident occurs. This usually requires a specific credit limit on your card. Finally, if anything does happen like a tiny scratch, it could cost you a hefty fee.

Furthermore, you could be fined if you do not return the car with a full tank of petrol, which was not full to start with. Finally, if you are late to collect or return the vehicle, it will cost you extra. Car renters in notorious touristy locations will look for every opportunity to make money off you; hence it is vital to read what others have experienced with the companies you are considering.

Tips when hiring a car

If you are considering hiring a car, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Check the fuel policy- make sure to read the policy, in case you either have to return the car with a full tank or if you can leave it empty. Otherwise, they will fill the vehicle themselves and charge you double.
  2. Check age restrictions- some companies may charge individuals 21 and under a higher fee than they would 21 and upwards. You may also find some renting companies do not hire out their cars to people aged 70 and upwards.
  3. Damage- when collecting your car, make sure any damage is accounted for before you drive off. When dropping off the vehicle, make sure an employee checks the vehicle for any damage and that you get a signed document stating that there is no damage visible.
  4. Book your rental car early as you may get a few promotions or discounts.

How to explore countries without a car

If you are not interested in renting a car, other means of transportation are also available, such as public transport, including buses, trains, metros, or tuk-tuks. Moreover, you could rent a bicycle, e-scooter, or step to wheel your way from attraction to attraction; this way, you have no issues with finding parking spaces. Further, you could take the expensive route and catch a taxi everywhere you go. If you have the money for it, then why not. Lastly, the best option is just to walk around. This way, you see more and get your steps in.

Uber. Is it cheaper than renting a car? 

Uber has become increasingly popular due to its affordability and flexibility, but can you afford a car? While there are many advantages and disadvantages, going on short trips is both affordable and quick and finding an uber within a few minutes and a few taps on your phone, the security of cashless payments and having access to your driver’s information, in the event of a scam. On the contrary, while short trips may be quick, long ones are relatively expensive. Moreover, a fast and affordable trip may result in a long wait and be costly during peak hours. Furthermore, Uber may become a more expensive option if you frequently stop throughout the day. In conclusion, there are several options to consider whether to hire a car or not too. It can ultimately depend on your destination and the walkability of the sights you plan on seeing. Moreover, you should consider the amount of time you spend at your destination and how much money you are willing to spend on getting around.