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Majestic Tamul Waterfall of Mexico

Tamul Falls may not be as popular as other Mexican sites, but this often underrated attraction is every bit beautiful. The falls is located near the town of Tanchachín, which is about an 8-hour drive away from the state of Texas in the United States.

Although it may not be easy to get to, Tamul Falls promises to be worthwhile trip. With a height of 344 feet, it is considered to be the highest and largest waterfall in the entire state of San Luis Potosi. But finding this falls is an adventure in itself. When you get to Tanchachin, there are barely any signs or markings in the area that will clearly point you to the exact location of the falls. The best way to make it to the falls is to ask a local to assist you. Although there may be a way to hike to the top of the falls; most tourists opt to reach it by boat because this method is the most accessible, organized and direct.

Despite its low profile, Tamul is a very impressive and powerful waterfall. Not only is the continuous flow of the large amount of water simply mesmerizing, the cascade’s surrounding landscape also deserves much attention and admiration. Tamul Falls is adorned by interesting rock formations, and the ancient ruins of Tamtoc are also close by. These ruins are believed to be the northernmost pre-Columbian city with a pyramid site in Mexico.

Tamul’s waterfall flows into the Tampaon River. To come closer to the drop, you will need to hire a boat and a local guide. The locally-made boat can sit three people. Take note that all three passengers need to paddle upstream to reach the base of the waterfall. As you come closer to the massive waterfall, you will notice the current becoming much stiffer, and the rapids becoming stronger. At this point, it is wise not to push your luck and move in closer. Instead, you can settle on the large boulder in the middle of the river. You can also move to a flat sandy spot just a couple of steps from Cuevas del Agua, a gorgeous water-filled cave just downstream the Tamul Waterfall

The rainy season in Huasteca province is between the months of July and August. During this time, the rapids are much stronger, and thus, it is much more difficult to go near the falls by canoe or small boat. If you go during low water season, Tamul is much more accessible. Before heading to the falls, remember to bring a good swimsuit. After hours of paddling upstream, you will most likely be tempted to swim just to cool off.