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Tips to ensure your home is safe while on vacation.

Don’t allow the excitement of going on the vacation that you have been planning all year to blind you to leave your home vulnerable. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cancel your vacation plans. Instead, go ahead with your camping, beach, or even city shopping plans, but ensure that you take the needed precautions before you leave. Therefore, ensure that before getting onto your vacation plans, you have examined your home security checklist. Just by being a little more cautious, you will be able to leave your belongings and property safe, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the fun of your adventure. Below are some safety tips that will help keep your home safe while you are on vacation.

1.Don’t post your location on social media

While posting vacation photos may seem fun, it is important to be cautious about posting them. Only when you have set your Facebook and Instagram profile on private mode where only a few can see your holiday photos, always avoid informing about your location. This is because it could serve as a tip-off to potential robbers that there’s no one in your house. Always ensure that you have turned off your location settings, guaranteeing that your social media followers won’t be able to know your location. By just uploading photos without a location, those who will see them will only know you have been on holiday and may not be sure whether you’re back, still on holiday or where particularly you are. Thus, potential robbers will fear that you may be available in your home.

2.Don’t leave the emergency key

While preparing to go for an extended vacation, never forget to remove the emergency key that you have hidden in your home’s compound. It is normal to think that your hiding location is inconceivable; however, robbers can figure out its location sooner than you may think. Rather than leaving the emergency key in a hiding spot, it is wise to leave them with someone you trust. Alarm systems are also valuable investments to ensure that any potential breakages will trigger the alarm, making the robbers flee for fear of being caught.

3.Cancel the delivery of newspapers for the time being

You may have subscriptions of in-person delivery of periodic magazines. Ensure that you inform your delivery personnel to halt the delivery before leaving for your vacation. You should also do this with your daily newspaper delivery. It will ensure that there isn’t a stack of newspapers delivered outside your house while on vacation, which would serve as an alert to potential robbers that you are not around. Though cancelling the deliveries may seem simple, it is one of the main ways that will ensure that your home’s security is at its maximum. If you had a package or parcel that was to be delivered during the vacation period, you could request the courier company to deliver it to a friend’s address. Most courier companies have no problem with this; however, to be sure, go for reputable companies that will agree to leave your package at a friend’s address. You can always check Online Reviews.

4.Turn off the water and gas valves.

Turning off gas and water valves before you leave will always ensure that your home keeps safe from any unfortunate kitchen fires or plumbing leaks. This not only guarantees that your home is safe but also will ensure that you cut down on utility bills by preventing water and gas leaks.

5.Unplug your electronics

Always unplug your electronic devices while leaving to protect them from power surges, which could potentially cause electrical fires. Some electronics to unplug include desktop computers, television, microwave, mobile charges, and air conditioners. For some, such as deep freezers and refrigerators, you can consider leaving them on so that your food doesn’t go bad. It is worth noting that even after you’ve turned the power switch off, some electronics still draw some power; thus, unplugging is the best way to ensure they safe from surges and voltage fluctuations.

6.Don’t leave your curtains closed

While it feels uneasy to keep your curtains open when going out, it is one way to guarantee that your home is safe while you are on vacation. When curtains are permanently closed, they tend to signal that the place is empty. To ensure that the home doesn’t look deserted, lock all the windows and partially close the curtains. This will ensure the house is not visible to everyone while also deceiving people that there’s someone. Thus, preventing robbers and ensuring that when you are back, you will not have to visit sites such as Limitless Home in search of furniture to replace the stolen ones.

In conclusion, while going for a vacation is a dream that everyone has, it can be hard to ensure that your house’s safety is maintained while you are on vacation. However, you need not worry about this article as you have the required tips to ensure your house is safe while on vacation. For vacation deals, you can contact online travel agencies, which offer deals worth looking at.