Vinh Hy Bay

Situated within the Ninh Thuan Province, and part of Vietnam’s tourism triangle, Vinh Hy Bay has successfully maintained its unspoiled nature, and its close proximity to the Nui Chua National Park, makes it an even more irresistible destination for beach lovers, sun worshippers and nature enthusiasts.

One excellent way to enjoy the Vinh Hy Bay’s unspoiled natural scenery is to go for a kayaking or Hobie cat adventure. This will allow you to see up close the bay’s dramatic rock formations. You can also enter hidden caves and experience the delight of discovering secret inlets. The coral reefs that can be found in the East Sea are home to a wide range of tropical fish and other marine animals. In the Vinh Hy Bay Sea Conservation Area alone, there are more than 300 varieties of rare and recently discovered coral species. That is why snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the main activities offered in the Vih Hy Bay area.

Vinh Hy Bay is the home of the Cham people, and the main source of their living is from fishing. There is a tiny fishing village on the bay’s shore. To get to know the local residents and their way of living, spend some time at the bustling fishing village. You can reach it by car or on foot.

While in the area, consider hopping over to the Nui Chua National Park. In this more than 7000 hectares of land area, you have plenty of opportunities to hike. You can also arrange for picnics, wildlife watching and other eco-friendly excursions in the park. A number of the tours offered around the bay are arranged by hotels and resorts in the area, such as the Saigon-Ninh Chu Hotel and Amanoi. However, with careful planning research, it is possible to pull off excursions on your own.

You can find well-equipped tourist boats that provide cruises around Vinh Hy Bay. Once on board, you can enjoy activities like swimming at the nearby Phu Beach. Aside from cruising the calm sea and marveling at the rugged mountain scenery, the boats will also take passengers to see lovely islets like Bo Bo, Yen Cape, Phu Islet and Tay Sa to Tai Islet. While you visit these islets, you can also catch a glimpse of the bay’s famous coral reefs by snorkeling in the area. At some point you will be given a fishing rod to try out your angling luck. And any fish you caught will be grilled on-board. What more can you ask for?