About Charming Siena Italy

One of the town’s best features is its stunning architecture that has been impressively preserved for the younger generation to admire. During your visit, don’t miss the chance to explore its historic center, which depicts Siena’s success and wealth during the middle Ages. Fortunately the historic center of Siena is for pedestrians only, which makes sightseeing even more wonderful. This area is where you will find what is considered to be one of Europe’s finest medieval squares – the Piazza del Campo. Adorned with architectural gems, like the Mangia Tower (Torre de Manhia), the Palazzio Pubblico and the Fountain of Joy, this fan-shaped square is a hit among tourists and adored by locals.

The Duomo or main cathedral in the city also stands proudly at the square. While on the square, don’t just stay outdoors and admire this domineering black and white Italian Romanesque structure from a distance. Go inside and you will definitely be mesmerized by Duomo’s stained glass, paintings, sculptures and marble flooring! Attached to it is the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, which highlights the famous Maestà by Duccio.

Piazza del Campo is also loaded with restaurants, cafes and shops, so it is so easy to spend hours here just relaxing, people-watching and enjoying your favorite snack or drink. The tower bell called Torre Del Mangia is a highly regarded spot to climb because of its incredible panoramas which feature the city and its surroundings. But you can only enjoy this beautiful vista if you climb more than 300 steps, which is not that bad if you are in good physical condition.

Access to the tower requires a minimal entrance fee, and Torre Del Mangia can only facilitate 25 people at the same time, so expect to do some waiting. Nearby, the Civic Museum looms, and boasts the best Sienese paintings. In addition to learning more about that arts of Sienese masters, visit Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena, which is a renowned for its picture gallery.

Spread on three steep hills, Siena is not easy to get to mainly due to the bad road. Thus, it does have that frontier appeal but is not void of the cookie-cutter approach to tourism. And just when you think that it is time for bed, Siena will surprise you again. In town, you will quickly find clubs and bars to hang out in. You can also opt for a walk through towns, meet locals and do the nightly walk called Passeggio, which is usually accompanied with eating favorite Siena sweets like gelato and Macedonia.