Why Should You Try The Most Exciting Sports Of Winter Once In A Life? Heli skiing

Contrary to the general perception, winter is one of the best seasons to travel and indulge in winter sports. Among all the popular winter sports, heli skiing is one such sport that one must try at least once in his lifetime. Not only is the sport of helicopter skiing thrilling, but it can be enjoyed by both, seasoned as well as new skiers.

Although the best time for skiing in Latin America is during the fall, however, heli skiing during winters can be equally fun if you know some of the top spots for heli skiing there.

The top two places for skiing in Latin America are undoubtedly Chile and Argentina. Situated along the western region of South America, the Andean Mountains are one of the world’s biggest mountain ranges that are known for their jaw dropping serene visuals. Andean’s unique terrain consists of glaciers, grassland, deserts and forests. The Andean mountains feature some prominent pre-Columbian historical sites as well. If you are still skeptical about how to prepare for this winter sport, following are some useful tips to help you plan out your perfect winter vacation with heli skiing being as its main attraction highlight:

Research well for Heli skiing in Latin America

Latin America features some of the world’s best winter resorts, ski and snowboard tracks as well as heli ski tour operators that can help both locals as well as tourists and travelers traveling to Latin America for the first time to plan their heli ski trip around Latin America. You can take your friends, family, emotional support pets with your on the thrilling adventure. However, in case of pet you would first need to get an emotional support animal registration to make the trip trouble-free and exciting. Get to know that Latin America comprises of some the best countries for travelers to visit and make their heli ski trip a memorable one. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family or friends, it is recommended to do some research and planning beforehand to avoid any mishaps or last-minute confusion and enjoy your winter holidays to the fullest.

Enjoy in Early Autumn months

Heli Skiing in Latin America is not the same as it is in the States, Canada and countries of Europe. Here, it is even more wild, thrilling and adventurous. As mentioned earlier, most of the skiing in Latin America is done in the Andean mountain region. Here, ski lifts reach up to 3000m. The last summer and early autumn months are considered the best months for snowboarding and heli skiing here.

Choose the right ski resort

To select a resort or a heli ski destination in Latin America is a challenge in itself. Whether it is Argentina or Chile, one can simply be overwhelmed bythe vast number of lodges and resorts options to choose from; each and every resort has its own unique features and characteristics which makes the decision even more challenging.

Heli skiing options in Chile

In order to reach Chile, international tourists usually travel from Santiago where it is easier to access Chile’s iconic resorts such as Ski Portillo and Valle Nevado resort. Similarly, one of the fastest routes for popular resorts such as Corralco ski resort and Nevados de Chillan is by traveling in a train or a bus through Chillan.

Staying at Portillo

Located in Chile’s iconic Andes mountains, Portillo is one of the oldest places for skiing in Argentina. Portillo boasts of years of history and family-owned hospitality. The ski resort hosts around 400 guests per week. The resort offers hot tubs and is well known for steep mountain slopes. However, novice skiers or beginners can opt for wider and less challenging slopes ideal for new or average skiers.

Making bookings at Portillo:

There are certain rules that one needs to keep in mind when staying at Portillo. In some places, you need to book your room for at least a week. This prevents it from getting excessively crowded or packed.

Best Route to get there:

 The resort is situated around 164km away from Santiago. Travelers can either opt for shuttles or rent a car. If you are travelling through a car, then it may take you a minimum of 2 good hours in ideal weather conditions to reach there. However, in severe climatic conditions, it may even take 2-3 hours.

Staying at Puma Lodge

New heli skiers will definitely like Puma Lodge. The scenery surrounding the lodge is simply breathtaking that can only be accessed by the lodge’s guests.Skiers usually intend to find fresh, white virgin snow that this region is popular for. But that depends mainly on weather conditions and transport availability.

Experience at Puma Lodge

The lodge is also a great place to unwind after a hectic day of heli ski. From local and international food delicacies to spa facilities, this place is probably one of the best options for those who want to spend their heli ski trip more lavishly.

Best Route to get there: You can either reach Puma Lodge in a shuttle from the airport or a quick half an hour-long helicopter transfer option is also available.

Heli skiing options in Argentina

Argentina itself is full of surprises which makes your heli trip even more interesting. Unlike other popular heli ski destinations such as Canada and the US, Argentina is more rustic, free from all the hustle and bustle of modern countries.

The country consists of semi-arid lands including the Patagonian Desert whereas Buenos Aires is the upbeat cosmopolitan heart of the country.

The Andes mountain ranges are dotted with many ski resorts that are mainly located in three popular areas, namely, Ushuaia, the Lake District and Mondoza.