Trans-Siberian Railway Trains and Prices

Train Options on the Moscow to Vladivostok Route

Traveling on the vast Trans-Siberian Railway appears on many people’s bucket lists. That’s because, in addition to being the longest railroad in the world, it passes through a whirlwind of diverse natural and cultural landscapes. Taking one to three-day-long stops in interesting places infuses extra invigoration into a Trans-Siberian trip. In 2021, there are two main options to travel between Moscow and Vladivostok: The Rossiya and the #061/062 train. Read on for a breakdown of the train experience included on a Trans-Siberian Railway ticket price.

#001/002 Rossiya train

The Rossiya train has a reputation for quality and service. It is branded and has new carriages as of last year, in which English-speaking attendants take care of you. The #002 train departs from Vladivostok to Moscow, while the #001 heads eastward from Moscow. The classes on the Rossiya are second: (kupé) and third (platskart).

Second Class: The compartments are made for four passengers with upper and lower bunks. Each cabin sports a TV, table and individual power plugs. Once cold meal for the duration of the journey is included, along with simple toiletries and bed linen. There are nine cabins per carriage. Tickets start at $169 in American dollars. Average ticket prices booking about a month out for Second Class are often between $200 and $400.

Third Class:  An open-plan carriage has 54 beds. Only bed linen is included. Every passenger has a USB port and a plug socket. Tickets booked a month or more ahead of time are often about $191.

A dining car has Russian food to eat there or order to your cabin. Bringing food along is now more pleasant in the newer carriages. They have a refrigerator and microwave. Free hot water lets passengers make their own drinks and soups.

Two bathrooms and a hot shower are available in each carriage.

#061/062 train

The #061/062 is a non-branded train with older carriages. However, it is more direct, especially between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Although it is more basic overall, it has First-Class carriages, unlike the Rossiya. Four departures each week run in each direction. The #061 goes from Vladivostok to Moscow and the #062 goes on the opposite Trans-Siberian Railroad route. Tickets also start at $169 American Dollars.

First Class: Cabins are meant for two passengers on lower berths. A First-Class ticket offers one included meal, a travel kit and fresh linen. The entertainment portal in First Class has Wi-Fi, music, movies, route info and lets you order meals. First Class can cost over $400.

Second Class: Four passengers stay in a Second-Class compartment. The newer carriages have power outlets, a table and a small TV. Bed linen is included.  The Trans-Siberian Railway ticket price ( for

Second Class can range from $200-$300. Single-gender cabins are available in second class.

Third Class: Third Class is an open plan without any features included in the ticket. Third-Class tickets bought over a month in advance can be $191.

Two bio toilets are available in each carriage. No showers are available. You could try asking the staff to use their shower for a small fee.

Tips for traveling on Trans-Siberian trains

First class is best for those who want privacy. Another option is to book all four berths in Second Class.
Second class is the most commonly chosen option for western travelers.

Third class is rumored to be a great way to make Russian friends. However, it’s not recommended unless you can sleep under any conditions or live to socialize. Second Class Trans-Siberian Railway tickets are a better bet for most.

Select your berth with caution. If you choose a lower bunk, those with the upper will sit there during the day. The upper berth can offer more privacy. However, it’s harder to access, of course.

Which Moscow to Vladivostok train should I choose?

Spending less than a consecutive twenty-four hours on a train is often a good move. It’s the best way to break up potential monotony with sights and experiences. The stops in Siberia and the Far East hold countless interesting things to see and do. Regular train tickets don’t allow for stops. Instead, you should purchase individual tickets for each leg of the train. There is no reason why you can’t combine train tickets on both lines. With this guide, you now know what to expect from each ticket. Booking a trip on the Trans-Siberian railroad requires a good deal of planning. We are here to help. Trans-Siberian Express is pleased to guarantee a safe and dependable experience on your Russian train voyage.